C-Gate Gateway

Industry 4.0 enabled:
Connectivity and digitalisation of QIROX robot systems

The new C-Gate CLOOS gateway enables demand-based management of welding and robot data. All information is entered and processed centrally in an integrated information and communication tool. The customised presentation of information enables detailed visualisation, analysis and continued processing of the operating and welding process data collected. The new system consists of the system-related hardware and the software modules production, quality management and service. With the production module you can illustrate the performance and the efficiency of your robot systems, localise shortages and increase the efficiency. The module allows a comprehensive online monitoring of the robot systems with a detailed reporting about availability, capacity and quality. Thus, you early recognise weak points in the production run. Furthermore, you considerably reduce system breakdowns or waiting times due to set-up and other downtimes. The new C-Gate can be integrated into existing Industry 4.0 environments. Via standardised interfaces it is possible to transfer the data to superior IT-based solutions such as MES and cloud applications or other systems, for example.

Technical features:

  • Integrated information and communication tool: Central acquisition and processing of all data
  • Digitalisation, monitoring and analysis of CLOOS production systems: Efficient production of customer-specific products in high quality
  • Proactive maintenances of machines and systems: Minimisation of downtimes
  • Single source supply: System access to all active components without interface difficulties
  • Customised system: Individual adaptations to customer-specific requirements
  • User friendliness due to integrated functions: Dashboard, evaluation possibilities, mobile access, cloud applications, KPI analysis

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