Movable Tracer Pin

The CLOOS tactile sensor uses the torch gas nozzle, the welding wire or a separate tracer pin to determine the start and/or end of the weld seam and corrects the programmed welding path. In the case of a V seam, the CLOOS tactile sensor also measures the seam volume. Furthermore, the tactile sensor can be combined with the arc sensors. In the case of a V seam, the CLOOS tactile sensor measures the seam volume and calculates the seam volume. Weld parameters can be adapted to the seam volume change. The tactile sensor is normally used together with the arc sensors.

Mains connection 400V ~ / 0.2A
Measuring voltage 60 V & 700 V
Dimensions (mm) L:380 W:210 H:300
Weight 1200
Detecting tool Tracer pin flexible
Tracking speed approx. 60cm/min

Technical features

  • Direct integration into the user program
  • No interference from attached parts (except when using a tracer pin)

Available options

  • Holding angle for mounting the workpiece fixtures
  • Rotary distributor for media supply
  • Counter bearing to be moved by motor (E)
  • Counter bearing to be moved manually (M)
  • Pneumatic indexing of the 0 position at the counter bearing
  • Clamping stroke mounted on counter bearing (S)

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