QR-WP-TV-100kN DR=1400

The workpiece positioner has a vertically arranged faceplate. The workpiece which is fixed on this faceplate can be turned into the optimum processing position by a horizontal turning axis.

Load 100,0
Free-turning radius 800-2600 mm
Grid free-turning radius 200
Rotating speed 8,5
Turning range +/- 360°

Technical features

  • Indexing of the 0 position for motor change
  • Digital AC drive system
  • The free-turning radius can be adapted to the component size and the space on site.
  • Hollow-drilled shaft in the faceplate centre for media feed-through
  • Adjusting screws for precise alignment during mounting
  • Opening in steel construction for a good accessibility during service works
  • Grease cartridge for live ring
  • Repeatability less than 0.1 mm
  • Faceplate with universal hole pattern for mounting the workpiece fixture

Available options

  • Holding angle for mounting the workpiece fixtures
  • Rotary distributor for media supply
  • Non-stop rotation of the faceplate

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